Catherine Lanser is a writer from Madison, Wis. who grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan. She ate so much salmon as a child, if you cut into her you would find flaky flesh that you could easily lift away with a salad fork.

She has lived in the Midwest her whole life and writes blogs, essays and narrative nonfiction about her life and growing up as the baby of a family of nine children. Catherine is looking for a home for her first full-length memoir about how she found her place in her family, told through the lens of her brain tumor and her father’s stroke.

She reads a lot of memoirs and writes about the brain, migraines, being sick, and other things. If you want to learn more about why she writes about illness this link will take you to an article Catherine wrote on that topic.

Catherine is a board member of Wisconsin Writers Association. Are you a Wisconsin writer? Join her as a member of this premier Wisconsin writer’s group.  

"To not feel your body while writing—to not need to tune out pain, to rest, to wait for your next dose of relief—is a privilege too often ignored or left unquestioned."
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Today’s crossword puzzle. Filling it out in pen. @whoweekly https://t.co/0cKRSq386w

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. In honor of that, along with October 15th being the International Wave of Light, @wopatwrites
is offering a Book Box with her two books and some other comforting items.
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Remembering the smells of the homes I grew up with as summer wanes via @GoodMenProject