What Do Your Personality Quiz Results Say About You?

I love a good personality quiz. From fun ones like What Peanuts Character are You? (Charlie Brown) to more detailed ones like What’s Your Myers Briggs Type? (INTJ) I’ve taken them all. It’s part of my “classic-over-analyzer” Charlie Brown personality. I “have to consider everything from every angle.”

Which is why I’m never really surprised by personality quiz results. I have a pretty good sense of myself after taking all these quizzes. When I took the Center for Healthy Minds Emotional Style quiz recently I wasn’t at all shocked to learn that I was high on self-awareness.

The quiz ranks you on self-awareness in addition to the five other emotional styles described by Richard Davidson in his book The Emotional Life of Your BrainThey are:

  • Resilience – how slowly or quickly you recover from adversity
  • Outlook – how long you sustain positive emotion
  • Social intuition – how good you are at picking up social clues from those around you
  • Sensitivity to context – how good you are at regulating your emotCharlie_Brownional responses to take in your current context
  • Attention – how sharp or clear your focus is
  • Self-awareness – how well you perceive bodily feelings that reflect emotions

The styles mix and match to form a type of personality. The Center for Healthy Minds stresses that none of the styles are bad or good, but like the brain they study, they are malleable. My results came with a well-being toolkit on the Center’s website with resources on mindfulness, journaling and other cool info on their projects. I have to say it was a step up from the Charlie Brown quiz and just as fun.

Do you like to take a good personality quiz? What are some of your favorite personality quizzes?

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