Dressing Up the Baby for Valentine’s Day

Where do you fall? Are you pro- or anti-Valentine’s Day? Does the way it glorifies love with all of its pink and red accouterments make you swoon? Or do you feel it’s a made-up holiday designed to make money and misery? Studies show only about half of Americans celebrate.


Or perhaps your feelings depend on your circumstances. Maybe you fall somewhere in the middle. You have a thing for cinnamon jelly hearts (I do) but don’t think homemade dinner in on Valentine’s Day means your spouse loves you any less (me as well).

But my sister who is 10 years older than me recently told me a story that really touched me. She said she came home from school on February 14 when I was a baby and my mom had dressed me up in a Valentine’s Day dress and tights. She asked my mom if we were going somewhere, but my mom said it was Valentine’s Day so she wanted to dress me up for the day.

To think of my mom of nine children taking the time to buy me a special dress and dressing me up for the day made me feel so loved. And it made me love Valentine’s Day even more. However you spend Valentine’s Day, whether it be with someone you love, doing something you love, or eating a bag of cinnamon hearts, I hope it’s filled with everythign you love.

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  1. Leiloni Schulz

    We celebrate Valentine’s day for fun. My kids get Valentine’s to give out at our homeschool co-op. We do decorate the house with a few extra hearts. My husband got me flowers, and chocolate, and I made him a special dinner. Why not? It is all in fun.

  2. Sherry

    Being a family that regularly tells each other I love you, we don’t really make a big deal of it other than wearing red. However, a grade 2 teacher at the school I work at sets her students up for Valentine’s “dates” in which they get to know someone in the class that they don’t normally play with. Then, on Valentine’s Day, they bring in something special for this student and sit with them over lunch. It is all about kindness and compassion for one another. The kids all dressed up for their dates and loved it!

  3. Gretchen Griffith

    Thanks for sharing this sweet story. You made my day! And yes, I do celebrate Valentine’s Day. I am a former teacher and my students couldn’t wait to open their Valentines at our party. We were allowed only two parties per year, Christmas and Valentines. Each was special in its own way.

  4. Alice b

    I don’t really celebrate it but I’m not opposed to getting flowers and candy or a romantic dinner. My husband thinks it’s a commercial holiday and this year I just enjoyed making valentines crafts with my kids.

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