Using Signs from the Universe to Overcome Doubt

Have you ever received a sign from the universe? I did. An actual sign. The one pictured below. This sign gave me the message I needed to overcome doubt and make a change. I didn’t make the change all at once and it didn’t happen quickly. But it happened.

doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will
Is this the sign that will help you overcome your doubts?

I have published an essay about this experience at The Kindred Voice. Read it and learn four ways to overcome doubts and turn them into dreams by clicking the link below.

4 Ways to Combat Doubt and Achieve Your Dreams – The Kindred Voice

Sometimes when we have a dream, we are afraid to talk about it. We may think that saying it out loud will make others think poorly of us for having a dream. Or that if we talk about our dream, someone will come and snatch it away.


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  1. Echo

    I doubt myself much too often and I doubt the universe as well. I guess that means, maybe I have misread a lot of signs, but I have had far too much suffering in my life.

  2. Leiloni

    I doubt myself more than I should but I don’t want to have regrets, so going for the dream is almost always better than not. I have failed plenty of times, but I have to get back up again and so do all of us.

  3. Kate Johnston

    I try to always connect myself to the Universe and pay attention to the signs it’s giving me. I’m getting better at translating them, but most are really obvious if we also pay attention to our thoughts leading up to seeing the sign! Writer’s doubt plagues me almost daily, but positive affirmations and trust in the Universe gets me through!

  4. Erika

    What a great post, Catherine! I love the imagery of the kite. This is the line that got me:

    “Don’t give up too soon. You can’t fly a kite by throwing it up in the air inside your apartment. You need to find a park and you need to have the right wind. Dreams take time, persistence, and sometimes the right conditions.”

    It’s really hard to be persistent enough to see things through. And to have enough courage to really put yourself out there. We often want instant results and when we don’t get them we use that to corroborate our doubts. Thanks for this timely reminder that dreams take time 🙂

  5. Karen DeBonis

    Boy, did this come at the right time, Catherine. I’m sure you understand writer’s doubt. I’ve experienced it a little over the past 3 years, but mostly I felt very strongly that the universe wanted me to write my memoir. So I did. Now that it’s done, but without a home, like yours, my doubt has skyrocketed. I need a sign. Maybe your essay is it.

    • Catherine Lanser

      I’m so glad it found you at the right time. The time after writing is hard, because I think we lose a bit of sense of pupose. There are so many ebbs and flows, I think, because we couldn’t keep going with so much intensity forever. Rememer, don’t give up!

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