10 Ways to be More Thankful

During this month of thankfulness it’s easy to be grateful for everything we have. But how do you make counting your blessings a routine? Here are just a few ways to be thankful more often.

Thankful. Gratitude. Appreciate. Grateful. Thanks. Grace. Blessing. Acknowledge. Thank you. Treasure.
  1. Keep a gratitude diary. Once a day, wrote down the things you are grateful for.
  2. When you can’t fall asleep at night instead of counting sheep, count the things you’re glad are part of your life.
  3. Write out one or two things you’re thankful for on slips of paper and save it in a jar where you will be reminded of all the good things in your life as they build up in the jar.
  4. As you drive, remind yourself of the things you are thankful for every time you stop at a stop sign or stoplight.
  5. Once a month, write a thank you card to someone that made a difference to you.
  6. When you wish someone a Happy Birthday, whether in a card, online, or in person, tell them why you’re thankful they are in your life.
  7. At dinner with your family, go around the table and talk about something that you are thankful for that happened that day.
  8. When you think of something you are grateful for write it on a small piece of paper and slip it somewhere you’ll find it later, such as a book, your wallet, or a coat pocket you don’t wear that often.
  9. Do the same with slips of paper and write small notes of thank you to others in your life so they will find them in their books, lunch, or pocket.
  10. Name all the things you are grateful for from A to Z.

10 Ways to be More Thankful


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  1. Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

    This is such a lovely post full of positivity!
    We tend to do number 7 quite regularly in our home. I think I take fewer things for granted after what we went through with Craig’s illness and his heart transplant. I am thankful more of the little things in life now. x

    • Catherine Lanser

      Thank you, Jayne. We do tend to put gratitude back at the top of the list after a scare. I’m trying to remember to be thankful even when things are going well.

  2. Carol

    You are singing my song here with this post. I’m a big believer in a positive attitude and gratitude is a big factor. I did a post on a Gratitude Diary a few years ago. Great post! #MMBC

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