Postcards from Laos

I returned from a 10-day trip to Laos and Cambodia almost a week ago. I had such an amazing time and I intend to write about in great detail some day. But I am still so tired today. So, instead I’ve decided to take Natalie Goldberg’s advice and write you a few postcards instead.

In Old Friend from Far Away, Natalie Goldberg offers a prompt about writing a series of postcards. I’ve used her prompts previously on this blog writing about Jello and whether it is better to Lucky or Perfect. This prompt encourages the reader to write a series of postcards with different states of minds and different details.

I actually like the idea of writing postcards after vacation. I used to like getting them from people on vacation, but no one writes them anymore. Why not write them after? Here goes.

Arrived in Luang Prabang, Laos and walked around city. Later we went to our hotel’s pool. The city is a UNESCO heritage site, so no pools can be built within its historic section. Our pool was across the Mekong River. To get their we crossed a bamboo bridge that is built and rebuilt each year after being washed away by strong currents and rain in the rainy season.

Today we visited an elephant conservatory, Mandalao, that is working to save elephants in Laos. We were able to feed two female elephants and walk with them through the forest. It was incredible to have the elephants take bananas right from our hands and so much fun to walk with them through the forest. We were able to stand right next to them as they flapped their ears, a sign of happiness.

We went to Kuang Si falls today. It has one steep drop and then a series of falls and many pools where people are able to swim. We climbed to the top of the waterfall and then back down. By then we were really hot and ready for a dip. We swam for a while in the refreshing, cool water. We had booked a night at the local hotel because we didn’t want to be hurried while we were their. The hotel, Vanvisa at the Falls, is set at one of the drops and we could hear the waterfall all night.

I have so many more stories to tell, but they’ll have to wait until my jet lag wears off. What past trips would you write about in a postcard? Or what trip would you like to take? Why not try writing about it in a postcard to see how it feels to you?


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