#Midwessay: Writing the Essay from the Midwest

As a Midwesterner my whole life, I can’t tell you how excited I am about a series of essays appearing on Essay Daily Titled #MidwessayWriters from the Midwest have been contributing essays describing what the Midwest essay looks like in 2021.

The series poses many questions such as what exactly is the Midwest and what does it mean to be a Midwesterner? Do you need to be born there, live there, or is it a sensibility? Who wants to claim to be a Midwesterner and is it different now than in the past?

What is the Midwest?

For the sake of geography, they’ve defined the Midwest as the following group of states: Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The intent was to widen the definition of the Midwest and the list of states is longer than I imagined, but it’s nice to be included in such a long list of states.

I am honored to be included in the list of writers representing the #midwessay and my state of Wisconsin. You can read my essay Growing Up Fish here: https://www.essaydaily.org/2021/02/the-midwessay-catherine-lanser-growing.html?m=1

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  1. Carol

    My sister has lived in the Midwest most of her adult life and I’ve enjoyed visiting her in several states. I really like being there except for winter – as a southerner and a Floridian since my 20’s, it’s way too cold for me. #MMBC

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